Freedom Law School Beats the IRS and FTB

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As a treat to all of you, I’d like you to take a look at some of Freedom Law School’s victories over corrupt tax agencies!

Case #1 – The FTB illegally filed two tax liens against Robert for years 2000 and 2001. With the assistance of Peymon, the President of Freedom Law School, these tax liens were promptly removed by the FTB without paying the FTB anything. Click here to see a copy of the tax lien that was illegally filed by the FTB. See the Release of Tax Lien.

From October 2011:

Case #2 – Leon contacted Peymon and Freedom Law School following an assessment of taxes for the tax years 1996-1997 for over $4.6 million (Click here to see the IRS Notice). In September, the IRS issued Notices of Determination for both of the tax years in question. With the assistance of Peymon and the outstanding paralegals at Freedom Law School, Leon invoked his right to a Collection Due Process Hearing where Leon brought up the validity of the alleged tax. After the IRS arbitrarily denied his case at the Collection Due Process Hearing level, Leon then petitioned to the US Tax Court. With continued assistance from Peymon and Freedom Law School, the US Tax Court remanded the entirety of the amount the IRS claimed Leon owed (click here to see the US Tax Court Decision). Another victory not only for Freedom Law School, but for Leon who was saved from paying $4.6 million he should not have owed in the first place.

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