Ron Paul in California…Join the Revolution

Republican Presidential Candidate, the champion of the U.S. Constitution, and the hope of America and the world, Dr. Congressman Ron Paul, is coming to speak at several California locations.

Join the revolution in person and bring several people with you to see and hear the leader of the new American Revolution, Ron Paul in person.

For location and time details, go to

Freedom Law School Beats the IRS and FTB

Freedom Law School | 760-868-4271 |

As a treat to all of you, I’d like you to take a look at some of Freedom Law School’s victories over corrupt tax agencies!

Case #1 – The FTB illegally filed two tax liens against Robert for years 2000 and 2001. With the assistance of Peymon, the President of Freedom Law School, these tax liens were promptly removed by the FTB without paying the FTB anything. Click here to see a copy of the tax lien that was illegally filed by the FTB. See the Release of Tax Lien.

From October 2011:

Case #2 – Leon contacted Peymon and Freedom Law School following an assessment of taxes for the tax years 1996-1997 for over $4.6 million (Click here to see the IRS Notice). In September, the IRS issued Notices of Determination for both of the tax years in question. With the assistance of Peymon and the outstanding paralegals at Freedom Law School, Leon invoked his right to a Collection Due Process Hearing where Leon brought up the validity of the alleged tax. After the IRS arbitrarily denied his case at the Collection Due Process Hearing level, Leon then petitioned to the US Tax Court. With continued assistance from Peymon and Freedom Law School, the US Tax Court remanded the entirety of the amount the IRS claimed Leon owed (click here to see the US Tax Court Decision). Another victory not only for Freedom Law School, but for Leon who was saved from paying $4.6 million he should not have owed in the first place.

Go to and click the “Victories” tab to check out all of our victories!

Freedom Law School recommends the Patriot Network’s Annual Seminar!

The Patriot Network


Health and Freedom Seminar Saturday, April 28, 2012, 9am-9pm

The Phoenix Greenville Inn 246 North Pleasantburg Drive ~ Greenville, SC 29607

This all day event includes several guest speakers on Freedom and Health topics. Kris Anne Hall will teach a four hour class on the Constitution. Dr. Judy Wood will have a 90-minute presentation of evidence relating to the events at the World Trade Center on and after Sept 11th, 2001.

Both women are courageous defenders of truth who have paid the price for sounding the alarm about the new world order.

Other featured speakers will include Dr. Steven Yates on his new book Four Cardinal Errors, and B.S. Nutripath Stephen Heuer of Synergistic Nutrition speaking on nutrition and freedom.

We are working to get a legislator from the Sound Money Committee on the program as well as Susan Lindhaur.

Cost: $80 for Patriot Network members—$100 for non members Includes catered lunch and dinner; 1/2 day = half price and one meal Breakfast is available for $12.00 extra. Related vendors are welcome at $40/table. Paid pre-registration is required by April 19, 2012

The Patriot Network is one of the oldest and most accomplished organizations in the freedom movement. Contact information:

Contact info: 864-225-3061 PO Box 5915, Greenville, SC 29606

Ron Paul 2012 Banned Video…go figure!?

Great Ron Paul 2012 video. Of course it wouldn’t be aired with the major media, but you can check it out on this blog!

But in brighter news, guess who has a lead in Iowa? That’s right. Ron Paul! He is favored 2:1 over Romney, and we are moving full speed! Get registered and start your support for the only candidate that will turn this country in the right direction! RON PAUL 2012!

Arbitrary Jailing by our President…Stand Up Now!

This is no joke. Our own President is about to sign a law that will allow the U.S. Military to jail any American who is loosely “associated” with “Belligerent forces”. See the video here

Let us all work together to stop this madness! Come to the 2012 Freedom Rally to educate on these ruthless laws, and learn how to fight back against “Big Brother” AKA our own President!

Go to to book your spot at this once a year Rally.

Avoiding and Defeating IRS Criminal Charges – 2012 Freedom Rally

Freedom Rally 2012

The 2012 Freedom Rally is moving forward full steam! Don’t miss the event from March 16-19, 2012 at the Crowne Plaza Hotel in Irvine, CA (right next to the Orange County Airport!). Take advantage of the Early Bird Specials going on right now. Go to to register. In addition to the fantastic 16 speaker lineup, the Freedom Rally will feature an all-day class, on Friday March 16, with the Freedom Law School Dream team.

The class is titled Avoiding and Defeating IRS Criminal Charges. This politically incorrect class will be put on by the Freedom Law School Dream Team: Peymon Mottahedeh, President and Founder of Freedom Law School; Joe Banister of Freedom Above Fortune; Dave Wellington of the Law, Education and Research Network; Shawn O’Connor, Head of Freedom Law School’s Criminal Legal Defense Network; and Larry Becraft, Constitutional and Anti-IRS Attorney. This once in a lifetime class will cover:

  • How to Correctly Respond to the IRS
  • What to do if the IRS tries to charge you Criminally
  • A Mock Trial session where the Dream Team shows you how to respond to the IRS in a Court of Law
  • And much more valuable knowledge you can only get at this Freedom Rally

This rally is held only once a year, so don’t miss out! Check out to register now and get a great special rate on registration! Come listen, come learn, and start to Live Free Now.

What else can we do but laugh, right?

A Bloomberg report reveals that the U.S. government loaned banks $7.7 trillion in secret bailout funds at no interest and then borrowed the money back at interest.

Well, John Stewart hits this right on the nose. For all of you out there struggling to keep your house, maybe you should contact your local “Big Bankster” for a 0.01% interest loan…that should be fair, right? Take action now and come start to take our country back. Attend the 2012 Freedom Rally. Register at